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I am using Silverlight 5 RC on a Windows 7 x64 OS running IE9. I am trying to get HasElevatedPermissions=True. I have made the necessary change to the Windows registry and signed the xap using a test certificate as documented here :

I even chose the Use Local IIS Web Server option on the Web project and a project Url with a localhost domain.

I still get HasElevatedPermissions=False.

When I checked the two boxes to Require Elevated trust both outside and in the browser, I got this message: {System.TypeLoadException: Inheritance security rules violated while overriding member: 'System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection`1.Add(System.__Canon)'. Security accessibility of the overriding method must match the security accessibility of the method being overriden. at System.Windows.Controls.DomainDataSource.InitializeView() at System.Windows.Controls.DomainDataSource..ctor()}

Someone kindly tell me what I am missing here.

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Try updating the registry keys or include "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" in your certificate as explained below:

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