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I'm hacking on a virtual HID driver, and for some reason, I'm unable to disable and unable to uninstall the driver in Device Manager.

devcon.exe remove also throws an error. Removing the device in Game Controllers dialog in Control Panel tells me to go to Device Manager to remove the device.

Any idea what may be causing this to happen? What might cause Windows to think it's unable to remove the driver?

Small update.

Putting the computer to standby allowed me to remove the device.

Removing parts of HID report descriptor (such as the multitouch report, mouse report and keyboard report, neither of which I used) has also fixed the issue.

However, I'd like to understand what exactly went wrong. What has locked down the driver so it cannot be uninstalled?

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What are the exact error messages? – ewall Oct 7 '11 at 21:10
Errors are generic, on the lines of: "Go to Device Manager to remove this device" and "Unable to uninstall the device". Really, nothing specific is said. – Ivan Vučica Oct 8 '11 at 8:17

Any process that might be using the driver could be holding it open. One way to see this is to use Sysinternals' Process Explorer and use the "Find" command under the "Handles" menu to search for the name of any DLLs related to the driver.

So, for many drivers shutting down the related processes is easy, but it can be more challenging for one related to the file system. For example, even if you close all maps or mounts on the virtual device, any Windows Explorer processes (including the login shell) could have loaded the driver. Again, PROCEXP is helpful for figuring out some of this...

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