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I am trying to design database for a social networking site. I am linking fields of profile table to other tables but stuck on some points. Refer some columns from profile table and suggest me good design accoringly

  1. Home Town
  2. Mobile
  3. Education
  4. Email_ids
  5. Friends
  6. sites
  7. Social Ids

Field 1: Home Town Linking this field with table of cities

Field 2: Mobile Direct value no linking is required

Field 3: Education This field will again contain sub-fields like degree,college,passing_yr etc so I am preparing separate table of mapping having user_id_fk


u_101|BCA|Some College|2005

u_101|MCA|Some College|2008

Field 4: Email Ids A user can have >= 1 email ids, where 1 would be primary and other are optional. There could be upper limit of number of email ids that I haven't decided. Should i go for a separate mapping table for this field

Field 5: Friends Planning to create mapping table with 2 columns. Both columns will have user_id_fk

Field 6: Sites A user can have any number of sites. Creating XML like data & putting into site column of profile table, might not be a good idea. Creating separate table as I designed for Education(2nd field) mapping, can be a good design but I am not sure.

Field 7: Social Ids A user can have any number of social ids like facebook, twitter etc. Here neither the field name is sure nor its value nor number of repeated entries for this column (how many social ids a user have).

Please suggest be good design of database which is good in performance and must be able to extract any detail easily. For example; Number of owners of a site, is there any other user having same email id, mutual firends etc.

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Does it have to be a relational database? – Oded Sep 24 '11 at 18:09
yes, thinking so – Amit Gupta Sep 24 '11 at 19:11

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