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I am new to MATLAB and am having difficulty plotting multiple graphs. Here are my vectors to graph:

S = [1.2421

Y = [1.1718

w = [0.1753

S is my training data and Y is my output vector. Then I add a column vector to my training data:

O = ones(length(S), 1)
X = [S 0]

w = inv(X'*X)*X'*Y

So I am trying to plot X, Y and w on the same graph. I plot w first, hold, X and this is where I get lost. Basically they are not on the same scale because the size of x is much less than X (X and Y are both vectors of size 100 and w is of size 2).


In MATLAB: result of plot(w)

Then I do:


In MATLAB: result of hold, plot(X)

Now the w that I plotted is so small compared to the plot of X. How would I make them the same scale? Also maybe making them a different color?

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Do you need to have them in the same plot? The x- and y-scales of your two plots are very different. Maybe its better to plot them side-by-side using subplot. – Dario Sep 24 '11 at 20:44
possible duplicate of Plotting 4 curves in a single plot, with 3 y-axes – Amro Sep 24 '11 at 21:11

plotyy will create the figure you are looking for. See the examples in the link for further plot customization.

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If you want this in the same plot take a look at Using Multiple X- and Y-Axes.

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