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How can i obtain the port number of a website using a program. Is there any method / way that i can use to know the port number of a website ?

Or, if i know that my port number 52970 is connected with this ip , can i know the port number with which the port number of my PC is connected ?

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I believe you need to review the concept of port numbers.

By default, HTTP uses port 80. So an individual website you visit won't need access to any other port.

TCP and UDP port numbers

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I am not sure what you are looking for but from a PHP script you can get the port the client uses to connect to your web server with $_SERVER["REMOTE_PORT"]

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The port number for http is port 80 and 443 for ssl. If you are on windows start up cmd and type netstat -a -b to see what program connects where. Please elaborate or post an example of what you want to achieve as it's not quite clear to me. €dit: in php you can find the remote or server port with




If I am right, you are looking for the remote port.

for telnet look here :

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i was asked to use the command telnet ip portNumber_of_that_ip – program-o-steve Sep 24 '11 at 18:45
@program-o-steve, possible for you to answer here?… – Niko Jojo Jul 16 '15 at 10:30

I am not sure if this helps you at all but the gold standard for scanning ports has to be nmap.

You can scan open ports for a specific IP address.

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echo $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT']."<br/>";
echo $_SERVER['REMOTE_PORT']."<br/>";


The port on the server machine being used by the web server for communication. For default setups, this will be '80'; using SSL, for instance, will change this to whatever your defined secure HTTP port is.


The port being used on the user's machine to communicate with the web server.

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