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My routes looks like this

  resources :stores, :except => [:destroy] do
    resources :toys, :member => {:destroy => :delete}

my objects controller spec look like this

require 'spec_helper'

describe ToysController do

    describe "GET index" do
        it "assigns all toys as @toys" do
          toy11 = Factory(:toy, :is_shiny => true)
          toy12 = Factory(:toy,:is_shiny => false)
          get :index
          assigns(:toys).should eq([toy12,toy11 ])

I got the following error

 Failure/Error: get :index
 No route matches {:controller=>"toys"}

Since the toys resource is nested under stores resources its not able to get toys_path route so i think so the spec is failing.

How do i pass the spec?


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The error is due to not sending store_id to tyos index. Had i sent

:store_id => in get :index

it would have passed.

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