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Is there any way to submit multiple forms using ajax ?

for eg form id="form1" and form id="form2"

both the forms will be submitted separately as needed.

to be more specific i am using this for my form submission.


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$('#form1, #form2').submit();

after having AJAXified them of course:

$(function() {
    $('#form1, #form2').submit(function() {
            url: this.action,
            type: this.method,
            data: $(this).serialize(),
            success: function(result) {
                alert('thanks for submitting');
        return false;


After your update it seem that you are using the jquery form plugin. In this case you could force the AJAX submission by invoking the ajaxSubmit method on the 2 forms like this:

$('#form1, #form2').ajaxSubmit();
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