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I want to create a composite wpf application with ribbon control using Prism, and I have some thoughts about commanding:

The ribbon tab is in different view, so i guess it will have specific view model. but the command should be in another view model, because when I click on button in the ribbon, I want to do some action in the view below, so how can I bind it? should I use Event Aggregator to communicate between the view models? maybe Composite command? any other approch?


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Because it's a different Views/ViewsModels - EventAggregator is a way to go. You use command on a View with ribbon that executes Method on RibbonViewModel which will Publish that event. Other views subscribe to that event.

If you use Ribbon as a menu - then maybe you should use PRISM's Navigation to open other views (in different region)

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This is the typical scenario for composite commands

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