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I have implemented custom VirtualPathProvider to serve customizable Views from a DB and when i put a breakpoint on the FileExists method I noticed that the framework does ton of unnecessary (for my project) requests. For example when I make a request for non-existing action (e.g. http://localhost/Example/Action) the framework looks for:

  • "~/Example/Action/5"
  • "~/Example/Action/5.cshtml"
  • "~/Example/Action/5.vbhtml"
  • "~/Example/Action.cshtml"
  • "~/Example/Action.vbhtml"
  • "~/Example.cshtml"
  • "~/Example.vbhtml"
  • "~/Example/Action/5/default.cshtml"
  • "~/Example/Action/5/default.vbhtml"
  • "~/Example/Action/5/index.cshtml"
  • "~/Example/Action/5/index.vbhtml"
  • "~/favicon.ico"
  • "~/favicon.ico.cshtml"
  • "~/favicon.ico.vbhtml"
  • "~/favicon.ico/default.cshtml"
  • "~/favicon.ico/default.vbhtml"
  • "~/favicon.ico/index.cshtml"
  • "~/favicon.ico/index.vbhtml"

When I make a request that matches an added route (e.g http://localhost/Test) the framework looks for:

  • "~/Test"
  • "~/Test.cshtml"
  • "~/Test.vbhtml"
  • "~/Test/default.cshtml"
  • "~/Test/default.vbhtml"
  • "~/Test/index.cshtml"
  • "~/Test/index.vbhtml"

before even initialising the controller. After the controller is initialised the framework looks for the view as defined in the custom RazorViewEngine that I have implemented.

This is my ViewEngine

        AreaViewLocationFormats = new string[] { };
        AreaMasterLocationFormats = new string[] { };
        AreaPartialViewLocationFormats = new string[] { };
        MasterLocationFormats = new string[] { }; 
        ViewLocationFormats = new string[] { 
        PartialViewLocationFormats = new string[] { 
        FileExtensions = new string[] { "cshtml" };

So the question is can these default routes be removed and how?

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Could they be related to the RouteCollection.RouteExistingFiles property? I doesn't make sense for it to check for lots of files rather than just one that matches, but it might be worth turning off to see if it makes any difference.

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