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How do I move an email to a different folder using C# and webmail using horde after I have a valid connection. I can read and discet the message but need to move the file to the done folder.

The code I have working is below. So far I have not found any mention of how to do this under C#, there must be some genius out there that knows how to do this. am throwing my self on your mercy

private void Connect_Click_1(object sender, EventArgs e)
    string host = "mail.abc.com";
    string username = "autoresp@abc.com";
    string password = "xxxxxxxx";

    TcpIMAP imap = new TcpIMAP();
    imap.Connect(host, 143);
    imap.AuthenticateUser(username, password);

    Console.WriteLine("Total Messages " + imap.MailCount());
    Console.WriteLine("Total Unread Messages " + imap.MailUnreadCount());

    // You need to select the inbox in order to view the your messages


    object retmailID = imap.GetMessage(1);
    object retmail = imap.GetMessage(1);
    string inforet = retmail.ToString();

    Message.Text += inforet;

    //  Select an IMAP mailbox
    string success;

    string sMessageUID;
    string destfolder = "";

    ImapResponseEnum eImapResponse = ImapResponseEnum.IMAP_SUCCESS_RESPONSE;
    string sCommandSuffix = "";




public void SelectInbox()
    _imapSw.WriteLine("$ SELECT INBOX.Autoresp.Inbox");
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I can't find the TcpIMAP class in any dll. Could you please show me where can I find it? –  user1070803 Nov 29 '11 at 7:29
Yes, it would make sense to tell us what 3rd party libraries you are using. –  Sascha Hennig Nov 29 '11 at 8:01

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