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so I need to divide on variable by a number. How can I do this? I know about the C functions of DIV and MOD, but do not know how to use them in objective-C/cocoa-touch. Heres an example of my code.

// hide the previous view
scrollView.hidden = YES;

//add the new view
scrollViewTwo.hidden = NO;

NSUInteger across;
int i;
NSUInteger *arrayCount;
// I need to take arrayCount divided by three and get the remainder

When I try to use / or % I get the error "Invalid operands to binary expression ('NSUInteger and int) Thanks for any help

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Xcode is an IDE not a language. –  Nick Sep 24 '11 at 23:08

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Firstly, should arrayCount really be a pointer?

Anyway, if arrayCount should be a pointer, you just need to dereference it...

NSInteger arrayCountValue = *arrayCount;

... and use the operators / (for division) and % (for getting the module):

NSInteger quotient = arrayCountValue / 3;
NSInteger rest = arrayCountValue % 3;

You can do it without the auxiliary variable too:

NSInteger quotient = *arrayCount / 3;
NSInteger rest = *arrayCount % 3;

And just remove the dereference operator * if arrayCount is not a pointer:

NSInteger quotient = arrayCount / 3;
NSInteger rest = arrayCount % 3;
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Thanks, thats exactly what I needed –  Thermo Sep 24 '11 at 23:15

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