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I have the following:


and I want to add the following CSS class to it:


This is so that when it's rendered in the browser, the code will look something like the following:

<a href="#" class="top_parent">Home</a>

Thanks in advance, and any help is greatly appreciated.



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StackOverflow was one of several avenues I started looking down. It turned out that you answered before I goto the correct information in CI documentation. I had a question, might as well share it as I try to find the answer. As stackoverflow states: "... it is welcome here. No question is too trivial or too "newbie"." .... (even if you haven't read the book...) – Tisch Apr 18 '09 at 16:39
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anchor('#', 'Home', array('class' => 'top_parent'));
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The Codeignitor function is defined as such:

function anchor($uri = '', $title = '', $attributes = '')

I would try sending an array with a class key and value first.

These functions are found inside the \system\helpers\ folder.

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boy all that time i spend finding the function and two very talented people had answered the question already. Oh well - my answer is here to stay. – IEnumerator Apr 16 '09 at 0:12

You can specify an associative array of attributes for your Anchor. So, for example:

anchor('', 'Home', array('class' => 'top_parent'));

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Try this:

$myClass = array('class' => 'top_parent');

echo anchor('#', 'Home', $myClass);

Hope it will be clear to you.

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It can also be used like this:

<?php echo anchor('#', 'Home', 'class="top_parent"' ); ?>

And if you want extra attributes like title for example, it can be done like this:

<?php echo anchor('#', 'Home', 'class="top_parent" title="Home"' ); ?>
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From Codeigniter's manual:

anchor() has three optional parameters:

anchor(uri segments, text, attributes)

Simple example:

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For example if you have a css class called btn, and a button called submit, to submit (call a submit controller class called sub) You can do it this way

<?php echo anchor('sub', 'submit', 'class="btn" ');? >
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