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I've copied an ArrayList over as so:

MyList2 = MyList1;

In an attempt to load MyList2's objects with the ones which MyList1 has.

Now as I iterate through MyList2, I it.remove() some objects, but this is causing a concurrent modification exception elsewhere on the parent iteration through MyList1. I think when i it.remove() it's actually removing it from the original ArrayList as well, how do remove it only from MyList2? Thanks.

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Your problem there is that you haven´t created a copy of the ArrayList, there are two references to the same object. If you want to copy the list, then you could do



MyList2 = new ArrayList(MyList1);
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Thanks I used "MyList2 = new ArrayList(MyList1);" to properly copy it over. Everything is functional and there is no longer a concurrent exception. :) – user940982 Sep 25 '11 at 6:49

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