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I am developing an application for a client who wishes to display their Facebook wall posts in the application. The Facebook SDK examples do a wonderful job explaining how to allow users to sign in, but this is not the functionality I desire. I only wish to stream information from a single profile for all application instances without any users having to sign in. If anyone has done anything similar, I would appreciate your suggestions. I will gladly provide any additional details.

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One option would be to embed one of the social plugins inside a web view. Otherwise, you could embed an application token inside the application and then make a graph api call to /pageid/feed and use the json result to show the feed entries.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I have investigated the Graph api's. My issues with using this approach, is the required URI, I am not sure how I would handle that in an android application. – JeremyKing Sep 26 '11 at 1:44

Your client can also create a page which is public and then just get its feed simply via RSS, no need to sign-in and no need for access token in this case. Url for RSS feed should be:  

hope this helps

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This looks like what I need. I did test the url you provided and it didn't work as I was hoping. The 'PAGE_ID" should be replaced with the Facebook page ID I wish to get the feed from correct? – JeremyKing Sep 26 '11 at 1:48
yes, there is also a link on the page wall called subscribe via RSS. the page should be public so anyone can subscribe to its feed whithout signup – Anatoly Lubarsky Sep 26 '11 at 6:13

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