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I want to make an app on the iPhone that would print an image just by tapping a button. I've tried the tutorials about UIPrintInteractionController online, but all of them will take me to a selection page before I can actually print. Can I programmatically skip that page by sending a default print job directly to an available printer that the iOS can connect to?

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No. Using the printing UI is a requirement; otherwise, the user doesn't have a way to change printers or set printer settings. Unlike a desktop computer, printers in iOS are transient, so there's not a notion of a "default printer" or configuration for one-click printing.

See the Drawing and Printing guide for more information about the UI expectations for apps which print.

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Thank you Jonathon =] – Patit Sep 27 '11 at 10:06
This is unfortunate, for apps in controlled environments the extra step of always choosing the same printer is annoying. – xaphod Feb 5 at 15:10

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