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Okay, this may be a bit basic. The HTML is :

<div class="parents-of-all">
        <span class="thechild">Something</span>

The jquery is


But somehow it doesn't work. Test it here :


My question is how can I traverse to the span? My usual way is


I'm sure there are shorter ways than this and using find() is one of them, but I can't seem to make it work.

Many thanks!

EDIT : DUH! Apparently I forgot the . for the parents-of-all DOM selector. Sometimes the simplest error is right there in your face.

But again, is there any difference between using find() and multiple children() ? I find using multiple children() ensures more accurate traversing since we can add elements selector if we want, but any other major difference?

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You were missing the dot in your class selector:



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If you are looking to change an attribute on the children-with-ancestor or children-with-parent, you should use the respective selector:

For example:

$('.parents-of-all span').addClass('hello');

Would apply the class "hello" to all <span> elements that are descendants of an element of class parents-of-all.

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