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We have a Existing project downloaded from server which was build on Maven . (this is in the form of Folder Structure )

While import that project in Eclipse , should i use

Existing Projects into workspace


File System

Please guide me

Thank you .

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If you really have an existing project, then you must have a .project file. Check for that, and if you do have, you should use the Existing Projects into workspace option, and select the root folder of your project.

Since you have a Maven project, you could also import it as Existing Maven Projects, given that you have the Maven plugin installed in your eclipse.

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If you import a project into the workspace the files remain in their original locations. I do not know how to avoid this. Often (always) I would like to have a copy of the files in the workspace and leave the project I imported it from in its original location untouched. A frequent use-case is that I have a project and wish to make some changes to it to test out something without affecting the main project. Thanks John

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