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UIButton has a state property, which appears to be KVO compliant by all accounts and there is no documentation to indicate otherwise. However, when I added an observer to a UIButton's state property, the observer callback was never invoked. How come?

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If you look at the documentation of UIControl, the state property is marked: synthesized from other flags.

I guess this is why changes to this property are not KVO compliant.

However, you can simply register and observer for the values you need - highlighted, selected, enabled. These properties are KVO compliant and you will get the observer callback when they change.

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Thank you. I am currently KVO-ing on other properties. In general, I feel there is a lack of documentation on what properties are KVO compliant and what are not in Cocoa; do you feel the same way? –  Evil Nodoer Sep 25 '11 at 15:17

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