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I need a web based application where the user needs to fill in 3 fields and taking a high resolution image (2mpix) with a webcam. Once these are ready I need to post them to the server so they are saved in a database.

1) What is the best way/tools available? 2) I saw thisjquery webcam plugin - is it possible to capture photos through your webcam up to 1920×1080?


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The quality of the pictures you take with ANY camera depends on the sophistication of the camera. Cameras have maximum resolutions and settings to configure them to a lower one as needed.

If the webcam on the machine has a resolution as high as the one you need, you'll probably be able to do this.

And its worth mentioning that the jquery webcam plugin requires flash to be available on the machine.

Since you've tagged this question with the ".net" and "c#" tags i guess i should mention that you can access the webcam via a silverlight app as well.

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