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Can anybody tell me how to store photos (jpg, png etc) files in cassandra ? Any small example would give me quick start.

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I am not looking for any performance here. My image will definitely not be more than 100 MB. I just want a simple mechanisum to store and retrieve images from Cassandra. I am using hector client to retrieve other types of data from Cassandra. –  Gaurav Sep 25 '11 at 9:13

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"Manually split files into chunks of whatever size you are comfortable with". (from CassandraLimitations)

Eg. use the file name as the row key and have the chunks as columns.

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Using Asytanax Client (Netflix) you can store large files. Take a look at the link below - https://github.com/Netflix/astyanax/wiki/Chunked-Object-Store

You can specify the chunk size that the files would be split into.

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