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see i have one .m file & .fig file for gui feature associated with that .m file now for making standalone .exe file for that .m file

i am using

 mcc -m  -mv jig322.m jig322.fig

after doing this i get warning like this

Warning: No matching builtin function available for C:\MATLAB7\toolbox\simulink\simulink\

i am not getting why this warning comes ?

& after this all ma exe becomes ready but it doesn't work 100% by executing some function it gets crash ? why this all is happening here? how can i make my exe to better work?

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According to MathWorks Support, you need to comment out the following two lines


from C:\MATLAB7\toolbox\compiler\deploy\matlabrc.m

and then call rehash toolboxcache at the MATLAB prompt. See the above link for details.

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