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Maven 3.x.x complains about my mock "TestPacket" class that I use for another real test:

java.lang.Exception: No runnable methods

How can I avoid Maven complaining about this? I did this for now (in TestPacket):

public void workaround() {

But there should be another clean way...

Thank you for your time!


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This is more of an JUnit issue than a maven one. If you don't want your TestPacket class to be treated as a JUnit test class by JUnit, annotate it (at the class level) with JUnit's @Ignore annotation

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Thank you, works like a charm! – AndrewBourgeois Sep 25 '11 at 10:50
Please note that some people expect that an @Ignore-ed class is just temporarily disabled as @Ignore javadoc said: "Sometimes you want to temporarily disable a test or a group of tests." I often search for @Ignore in the code for disabled tests to fix them. Lot of false result could be disturbing. Furthermore this practice permanently increases the count of skipped tests in Surefire/Hudson reports. – palacsint Sep 25 '11 at 11:00

Exclude the default "**/Test*.java" inclusion rule in the configuration of the surefire plugin in the pom:


A better solution is excluding only your TestPacket class.

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