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I am new to apache, PHP on linux. I have a server with PHP handler set as "CGI" I mean in phpinfo page where it says "SERVER API".

Now I have to install new script on server and the script requires PHP handler as "APACHE 2 HANDLER" i.e. DSO if i am not wrong.

There are scripts/live sites already running on the server. I am worried as what if after I change my server PHP handler from CGI to APACHE 2 HANDLER, my previously installed sites will have any bad effect in the matter of permissions issue or some other errors.

I would like to know whether is this possible to use "CGI" and "APACHE 2 HANDLER" on single server ? if yes then how to ?

thanks for your time, have a great day ahead

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Not using CGI as all is usually a good idea. Its performance is really bad as it starts a process for every PHP page. –  ThiefMaster Sep 25 '11 at 12:11

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