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Im using jQuery Markitup to allow users to input html... So they can input stuff like:


However, I was watching and decided to try this piece of code into the input:


To my amazement, when I submitted the form and refreshed the page, the alert box came out. This is a security risk!

This is what I have in my view:

<div><%= comment.description.html_safe %></div>

The above renders any html, but is also prone to xss. So I tried:

<div><%= html_safe(comment.description).html_safe %></div>

But the above does not render any html. It actually displays the html as text, which is not the desired behavior.

I need to render the html and at the same time protect myself from xss. How do I go about this?

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<%= sanitize(comment.description) %>


To remove ALL tags use strip_tags

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Yea sanitize renders html, and doesn't execute the alert from the JS. Interesting. But what implications does this have? I was watching and Ryan B mentions that its "not quite as thorough, since it doesn't escape every html tag. which is not quite as secure" ... – Christian Fazzini Sep 25 '11 at 12:23

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