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here is the scenario I want ta achieve on some XamDataGrid

  1. Some Cells may be selected in the grid - cells and not records

  2. User right clicks on a cell in the grid

I would like to add the right clicked cell to the SelectedItems.Cells collection of the XamDataGrid if it was not selected before

BTW - I have no problem getting the entire Record, but what I require is the specific Cell.

any idea?

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private void GridCellActivated(object sender, CellActivatedEventArgs e)
    if (((UnboundField)((e.Cell).Field)).BindingPath.Path != null)
      var _fieldPath = ((UnboundField) ((e.Cell).Field)).BindingPath.Path;   
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Note for potential readers: this only works on the first click. – code4life Jun 30 '14 at 22:38

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