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I am writing an IRC bot in Python using the Twisted library. To test my bot I need to connect several times to an IRC network as my bot requires a restart each time a change is made. Therefore I am often "banned" from these networks for a couple of minutes because I have made a lot of connections. This makes it annoying testing and writing the bot. Does anyone know of a better way to test the bot or any network which isn't as restrict with the amount of connections as QuakeNet is?

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Run IRC server locally? – Cat Plus Plus Sep 25 '11 at 14:18
Doesn't Python have a command to reload source file? My Ruby bot uses Kernel#load, when I tell him rehash. – Nakilon Sep 25 '11 at 14:20
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You can install UnrealIRCd (it's an irc server) on your local machine and test your bot with it. Any network will ban you if you keep reconnecting all the time. Plus working against a local server will speed up the connection times alot.

There are a bunch of other irc servers out there.

+1 for supy bot.

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freenode is good.. You can create channels for yourself to test. Also check out this project called supybot, which is good for Python bots.

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You can take the undernet ircu from and, before compiling it, add #define NOTHROTTLE to ircd_defs.h. This will remove any connection throttling so you can test your bot as much as you want.

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