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If I have access to both a Uri and the UriTemplate on which is is based, what is the neatest way to discover the values that have replaced the parameters in the template?

For example, if I know:

        var uriTemplate = new UriTemplate("/product-catalogue/categories/{categoryName}/products/{product-name}");
        var uri = new Uri("/product-catalogue/categories/foo/products/bar");

is there a built-in way for me to discover that categoryName = "foo" and productName = "bar"?

I was hoping to find a method like:

        var parameterValues = uriTemplate.GetParameterValues(uri);

where parameterValues would be:

         { { "categoryName", "foo" }, { "productName", "bar" }}

Clearly, I could write my own, but I was wondering if there was something in framework I could use.



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You can call the Match method on the uriTemplate instance and use the returned UriTemplateMatch instance to access the parameter values:

var uriTemplate = new UriTemplate("/product-catalogue/categories/{categoryName}/products/{product-name}"); 
var uri = new Uri("http://www.localhost/product-catalogue/categories/foo/products/bar"); 
var baseUri = new Uri("http://www.localhost");

var match = uriTemplate.Match(baseUri, uri);

foreach (string variableName in match.BoundVariables.Keys)
    Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}", variableName, match.BoundVariables[variableName]);


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Perfect! Thanks very much. –  sandy Sep 25 '11 at 16:00
Note that there appears to be a bug, where your template parameters are capitalised in the NameValueCollection returned by Match, so therefore, the string names (of the keys) in the UriTemplate and the match collection don't match. –  nicodemus13 Dec 19 '11 at 14:08

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