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I have draggable/dropable tree where user can add new elements. After user click add button new element adds to tree. How can i refresh tree, draggable and dropabble works on new added element :

            $("li.tree_item a").droppable({
            tolerance        : "pointer",
            hoverClass        : "tree_hover",
            drop            : function(event, ui){
                var dropped = ui.draggable;
                dropped.css({top: 0, left: 0});
                var me = $(this).parent();
                if(me == dropped)
                var subbranch = $(me).children("ul");
                if(subbranch.size() == 0) {
                    subbranch = me.find("ul");
                var oldParent = dropped.parent();
                var oldBranches = $("li", oldParent);
                if (oldBranches.size() == 0) { $(oldParent).remove(); }

                var data = Object();
                    data.tree = Array();
                    data.tree = parseTree($("#tag_tree"));

                $.getJSON( urlJson, data, function(resp) {      


            opacity: 0.5,
            revert: true,

and button which add ne to element to this tree

        $('#add').bind('click', function() {


How can I refresh draggable droppable after add new element ?

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Possible duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/1805210/… –  Clive Sep 25 '11 at 16:25
Yes this works any other solution exists –  devsoft Sep 25 '11 at 16:45
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