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I'm quite new to facebook. I'd like to have an i-frame tab on my facebook fanpage with the wall embedded on the same tab as the example:

I have searched for it but haven't found how exactly I can do this.

Do I need the Graph API, Java SDK or PHP SDK to do this? Are there any examples?

Thanks in advance.

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You can't just "embed" a Facebook page inside your app, you need to retrieve the Page's feeds through the Graph API or just use the Like Box.

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You need to get the Feed using the Graph API. Here is the initial documentation on how to use it:

This second link might not work when you click on it, but if you go to the examples on the first link and use the news feed example from the second list you can swap out "me/feed" for "your_page/feed" and get the feed.

With that you just need to format it so it looks like the wall.|2.AQBnDvmcD3XoWI_F.3600.1316984400.0-515157640|hp7gwy_E3M9wLtyhBPxrsobi__E

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So, there is no easy way to do this? The only way is use Graph API and manually format it? Since from the example I saw at is really like a normal wall. – Tor ... Sep 26 '11 at 7:22

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