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I am using Jörn's jQuery validation - which you can view the full code for by downloading it here.

I'm running into a bit of a problem, as I'm not entirely familiar with Javascript.

Here's an example of my HTML

<div class="field">
    <label for="myInput">My Input</label>
    <input id="myInput" name="myInput" type="text" />

    <span class="helptext">
        This is some help text for My Input...

Essentially, the above HTML is repeated for each "section" of the form. .helptext is hidden via CSS, unless the parent div has a class of .error.

For example: <div class="field error">

Here is what I believe to be the relevant code for the validation plugin - How would I make the error class be added to the parent div.field?

defaults: {
    messages: {},
    groups: {},
    rules: {},
    errorClass: "error",
    validClass: "valid",
    errorElement: "span.helptext",
    focusInvalid: true,
    errorContainer: $( ["div.field"] ),
    errorLabelContainer: $( [] ),
    onsubmit: true,
    ignore: [],
    ignoreTitle: false,
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You can use the highlight/unhighlight handlers to add/remove classes, like this:

highlight: function(element, errorClass, validClass) {



unhighlight: function(element, errorClass, validClass) {



Hope this helps, d.

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