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I am looking for a possibility to set (change) the RGBA color of a Pixel of an UIImage for my Iphone Application. (I actually want to implement some floodfill stuff)

So I need something like this:

-(void) setPixelColorOfImage: (UIImage*) img atXCord: (int) x atYCord: (int) y
withRedColor: (CGFloat) red blueColor: (CGFloat) blue greenColor: (CGFloat) green
alpha: (CGFloat) alpha  {

// need some code her


Because this method will be called quite often, it shouldn't be too slow.

Please help.

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UIImage is not (externally) mutable, so you must copy, then edit, then convert to UIImage.


  • create a CGBitmapContext
  • draw the source image onto it


  • get a hold of the context's pixel buffer
  • mutate that pixel buffer

Convert to UIImage

  • copy a CGImage representation of the context
  • create a new UIImage from the CGImage

fwiw, the form can also be used on osx (using NSImage).

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