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I'm trying to implement HTML5 drag and drop to upload a file. When the file is dropped, I want to call the php file to handle the dropped file. How can I call the php file and access the dragged file in php file. Also, I want to send the success or error message back from php file.

I'm unable to figure out how can I post the file to php and get the response from there. My code so far is:

function drop(evt) {

        var files = evt.dataTransfer.files;

    function handleFiles(files) {

        var file = files[0];    
        var reader = new FileReader();

        reader.onload  = uploadFile;  //main function
        reader.onloadend = uploadComplete;

    function uploadFile(evt)
        //call upload.php
        //get success msg or error msg
        //alert(success) or alert(error)

Here's example upload.php file:

    $dropped_file  //how to get the file

    if (filesize($dropped_file) > 1024)
        echo "size error"   //how to send this error
        echo "success"      //how to send this success msg.
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You can use jQuery, upon the drop callback perform an AJAX call.

    accept: "img", //Your element type goes here e.g. img
    drop: function(event, ui){
       //Perform an AJAX call here. You can access the current dropped item through
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I wouldn't recommend using jQuery UI for this. There are very probably much lighter, cleaner solutions. – Bojangles Sep 25 '11 at 20:51

Use jQuery UI will give you the ability to drag and drop in the most easy way

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This is not a helpful answer. If you do believe that jQuery UI has some great functions for performing drag and drop, the least you could do is link to the documentation. – nickf Oct 24 '12 at 22:29

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