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I'm pretty lost on this project, just getting back into VB after not working with it for 6 months. FYI: I had never heard of this program 1 year ago. would love some code snippets, advice from any where! My project reads as followed:

Create your own Encryption program. All data is transmitted as four-digit integer. Your application should read a four-digit integer entered by the user and encrypt it as follows: Replace each digit with the result of adding 7 to each digit and getting the remainder after dividing the new value by 10. Then swap the first digit with the 3rd , and swap the second ditit with the fourth. Then display the encrypted integer. Write a separate application that inputs and encrypted four digit integer and decrypts it by reversing the encryption scheme to form the original numbers....OMG. can anyone tell me where to start viewing code? I've been looking for hours. I could be asking the wrong question or type it in differently???

sept.25th Here's the code I have put together. Unfortunatley I do not know how to use this site and am unclear on how to view any posts. The problem I am having with this code is when I type an number into the text box and hit the encrypt button the numbers change in the text box as well as the lable box. Can anyone help me with this? This is visual basic [code]

'Enforcing privacy with Cryptography 'This program is to encrypt numbers so it may be transmitted more securely

Public Class Encryption

Private Sub txtInPut_KeyPress(ByVal send As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) _
      Handles TxtInput.KeyPress

    'text box accepts only numbers, allows backspace to edit  

    If (e.KeyChar < "0" OrElse e.KeyChar > "9") _
       AndAlso e.KeyChar <> ControlChars.Back Then
        e.Handled = True
    End If

End Sub

Private Sub btnEncrypt_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles BtnEncrypt.Click

    TxtInput.Text = Encrypt(TxtInput.Text)

    If Val(TxtInput.Text) < 0 Or
   (IsNumeric(TxtInput.Text) = False) Then
        'MessageBox.Show("Invalid Entry", "Input Error")
        Exit Sub
    End If
    lblEncrypt.Text = "Encrypted number is" & Encrypt(TxtInput.Text).ToString

End Sub

Private Function Encrypt(ByVal strInput As String) As String
    Dim i As Integer 
    Dim strDigit As String
    Dim intDigit As Integer
    Dim intDigits(3) As Integer

    For i = 1 To 4
        strDigit = Mid(strInput, i, 1)
        intDigit = CInt(strDigit) + 7
        intDigits(i - 1) = intDigit Mod 10

    Next i
    Encrypt = CStr(intDigits(2)) & CStr(intDigits(3)) & CStr(intDigits(0)) & CStr(intDigits(1))

End Function

End Class


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don't get me wrong but is a hoax? Needless to say that this encryption-scheme is ... well it isn't even a encryption scheme - it's not better than those things packed into cereal-boxes for kids. This is a joke right? –  Carsten König Sep 25 '11 at 21:14
To be totaly clear: 1.) this method is easy to break (you even don't have some sort of key - indeed your task is to break it) 2.) NEVER invent a encryption algorithm on your own if you don't know what your are about to do 3.) NEVER implement a enryption algorithm on your own if you are not an expert –  Carsten König Sep 25 '11 at 21:18
Had to drop this class to keep up with portfolio and other classes needed to graduate. I'm back on this homework assignment. I'm trying to figure out how and where to put a message box in if only 1,2 or 3 digits are entered? This is a beginners course. –  charyl Sep 22 '12 at 19:34

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