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This question is about the iOS acceptance testing framework KIF.

I have a test step which uses the KIF extension to UIView dragFromPoint:toPoint. I have a custom view class which implements touchesBegan/touchesMoved/touchesEnded/touchesCancelled.

From my KIF test step I convert my coordinates to that of my custom view and call dragFromPoint. NSLog & breakpoints tell me that touchesBegan and touchesMoved are being called on my view but touchesEnded is not. Looking at the KIF code I can see that it's posting this event but I can't figure out why it's not being delivered to my view when the other two are.

Here is an excerpt of my KIF test step code:

// Convert points to coordinate system of the CoinView
CGPoint coinCenter = [view convertPoint:view.center fromView:view.superview];
CGPoint coinTarget = [view convertPoint:coinSlotTarget fromView:coinSlotView.superview];
[view dragFromPoint:coinCenter toPoint:coinTarget];
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