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I am trying to write a sproutcore frontend for a rails 3.1 application I am making. I have had a look at the sproutcore guides, but I am interested in seeing real examples how to use sproutcore together with rails 3(.1).

I have found two examples, but each is totally different:

  1. A todo-app created using bulk_api: an interesting approach using a specific REST-style to minimise the traffic. But it proposes to place the sproutcore app in app/sproutcore, and is still a bit unclear to me how that actually hooks in completely.
  2. Travis-ci which seems to be a very clean example, rails 3.1, to use sproutcore. It is not yet completely clear to me, but all sproutcore js is cleanly stored inside app/assets/javascript/apps and as far as i can tell, the application.html just loads the js and provides the frame where everything is loaded into.

Do you know any other examples? How do you use sproutcore in your rails app?

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you should specify sproutcore 1.x vs sproutcore 2 – Scott Schulthess Nov 11 '11 at 15:19
Good point: Sproutcore 2, which was obvious to me :) – nathanvda Nov 11 '11 at 19:28
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The method you describe is the same way that you integrate backbone.js into a rails app, and it seems to work very well

This stores backbone in


And then there is a script tag in the view that just initializes backbone

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(function() {
    // Blog is the app name
    window.router = new Blog.Routers.PostsRouter({posts: <%= @posts.to_json.html_safe -%>});

I imagine a similar process for sproutcore would make sense

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Yes, thank you. In travis-ci they drop the backbone folder and just create an app folder. In spine.js they follow the same approach. – nathanvda Nov 23 '11 at 15:20

I did find a demo-project: sproutcore-on-rails that did manage to make things clearer for me.

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