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Wikipedia refers to them as:

-> Member b of object pointed to by a
->* Member pointed to by b of object pointed to by a
.* Member pointed to by b of object a

But I need to refer to them without using "a" and "b". Do they have any names?

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The standard has calls ->* and .* "pointer-to-member operators" (5.5). The former expects the first operand to be of pointer type, the second of class type.

Similarly, -> and . are called "class member access" (5.2.5), or "dot" and "arrow".

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All hail the standard :) –  sehe Sep 25 '11 at 23:26

If you're discussing them in conversation, I us the terms::

->   "Arrow"  eg. "B-arrow-A"
->*  "Arrow-star"  eg.  "B-arrow-star-A" 
.*   "Dot-star"    eg.  "B-dot-star-A"

When writing about them, I prefer the terms others have mentioned.

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I believe it is

  • member access operator (–>)
  • pointer-dereference operator (*)

  • Pointer-to-member selection (.*) [according to here, at least]

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