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I just built and installed boost_1_47_0 using the following on cygwin

./bootstrap.sh --with-libraries=chrono,date_time,exception,filesystem,graph,graph_parallel,iostreams,math,program_options,random,serialization,signals,system,test,thread,wave  link=static link=shared threading=single threading=multi

then I ran the below,

./b2  --layout=tagged

and the message indicated that it:

failed updating 2 targets and skipped 7 targets....

but I continued and ran

./b2  --layout=tagged install

however, I look in /usr/local/lib and I only have those libraries with suffix -mt

My programs are looking for the libraries without the -mt suffix. but since it didn't work, I ran in sequence:

bjam --clean debug release

./bootstrap.sh --with-libraries=all


./b2 --layout=tagged

./b2 --layout=tagged install

but I still see only the -mt libraries in /usr/local/lib

can anyone please suggest how this can be fixed (my programs look for libboost_date_time and not libboost_date_time-mt)...thx!

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You need to use "--layout=system"

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I just ran ./b2 --layout=system. After that completed, I am now running ./b2 --layout=system install. I shall post as soon as it completed. and it worked....thanks so much :-) –  itcplpl Sep 25 '11 at 23:21
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