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I have a php page which contains keys and salts and I would like to hide such information just in case. Anyone know a good free software that could do this?

I have both zend and ion installed on my server, which I heard some source scramblers use. Any ideas?

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From whom do you try to hide it? –  zerkms Sep 25 '11 at 23:56
You do know that anyone viewing your PHP files via the browser wont be able to read your code, right? –  Nexerus Sep 25 '11 at 23:59
how about this ? sourceguardian.com –  elibyy Sep 26 '11 at 0:01
I meant in case my server gets hacked. Since the php file contains my keys, salts, and encrypt/decrypt functions. I'm going to tie the php file to my domain too. Looking for a free solution. Hope that clears my question a bit. Help is appreciated! –  user962449 Sep 26 '11 at 0:03
sourceguardian looks good, but it's not free :( –  user962449 Sep 26 '11 at 0:04
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Your PHP source cannot be viewed directly via browser. You can obfuscate the php files on the server for extra protection. Obfuscation makes it more difficult for an attacker to understand your code, if he eventually gets in. Remember to keep an un-obfuscated back-up of your files.

Check Out



Zend Guard

Or just search for http://www.google.com.ng/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=php+obfuscator

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I'd like to clarify that "more difficult" never means "impossible". It just means you're making it a bit harder on attackers. –  Jan Krüger Sep 26 '11 at 0:58
@Jan Of-course. Everything that can be encrypted, obfuscated, can be reversed. –  Mob Sep 26 '11 at 1:03
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