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I have been trying for the last couple of days to get the ACS integration for my identity providers. The main ones work, Google, Yahoo!, and Live, but I cannot get Facebook to work with my localhost dev environment. Also Facebook has changed their Apps Configuration Pages and I am confused.

Does anyone know the updated Step by Step for configuring ACS and Facebook to work together? My url is: http://localhost/webapp1/ I have been looking through all the posts but since things have changed, the old answers do not seem to work. I know it must be either on one of the setup pages in Azure ACS or in Facebook Apps Setup or a problem with my web.config. I would greatly appreciate all help.

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possible duplicate of Facebook API error 191 – genesis Oct 26 '11 at 19:04

I had a similar problem when I setup ACS for Facebook and ran it from my local machine. I had erroneously setup my application on Facebook, while my Azure ACS configuration was actually correct. I was using 'localhost/myapp' on the Site URL setup field on the Facebook site but I needed to change it to use the full ACS namespace for my application: (Your specific namespace will vary, please check your ACS settings for details)

I noticed you mentioned that your URL was: "http://localhost/webapp1/", I am not sure if this was your specific problem but hopefully this saves someone else a bit of time.

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Indeed the Facebook integration with ACS would require developer to put the ACS namespace url instead of the actual web application address. The reason is that all authentication requests are going to and from the ACS service, not the actual application. – astaykov Nov 16 '11 at 7:40

This should work (see Facebook API error 191 for an older example)

Check your domain is configured correctly in the app settings, the URL used much match what you've told Facebook you'll be using.

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This does not work. The changes to the facebook developer setup and localhost is not working. Any one have a sample since the changes to facebook in the last week that works and a screen shot or documentation on the facebook developer pages on how you did the configuration? It can be a test app would be fine. – Wade Sep 27 '11 at 22:33
Anyone else able to help?? – Wade Sep 29 '11 at 5:52

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