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I have a question to ask.

I have a search result that is based on data retrieved from MySQL database. And based on the data retrieved, I have embedded and echo a div and <a> tag to know which <a> is been clicked so that I can use searchresult_details.php to retrieve more details using ajax jQuery.


//include database connection file to call the class

//db global connection
$db = new DBConfig();
$db -> config();
$db -> conn();

//retrieve the keyword entered in the form in search.php
$keyword = $_POST['keyword'];

//call searchKeyValue method to retrieve the names whether client or staff

function searchKeyValue($keyword)
    $result = mysql_query("SELECT result_key, result_value FROM keyvalue WHERE result_value LIKE  '%$keyword%'");   

    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
            //echo $row['result_value'];
            //echo "<br />";
            echo '<div style="background-color:#ffa; padding:20px"><a class="record" value="' . $row['result_value'] . '">' . $row['result_value'] . '</a>' . '</div>';
            echo '<input class="tablename" type="hidden" name="tablename" value="' . $row['result_key'] . '" />';

However, the <a> will have multiple rows been echoed. I need to retrieve the <a> that is clicked and the value that it is stored in that particular <a> element. I can't be using id in <a> because I think it would be tedious. I was thinking to use class so that in javascript I can use document.getElementsByClassName but I know such function in IE has errors.

Any recommendations?

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1 Answer

please check jQuery class selector


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