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i extended a panel containing

   -Toolbar with button

and i registered it as a xtype using Ext.reg().There is one more panel in which i want to add the registered xtype and did it. How can i add/remove a component/html content dynamically to the outer panel on button click.

Thanks in advance.

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I hope it will help you :

var component = ...;
var position = 0;
component.insert(position, new Ext.Panel({html : "inserted"}));
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Thanks Santana for your response :) It was a bit tricky calculation of height with setHeight() and hide() methods.With the help of debugger i resolved it. –  San Oct 7 '11 at 10:21

While an older question, you can use .add or .addDocked


This is far simpler since it allows the panel to add the element and manage the height ect.

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