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Where can I get a corpus of documents that have already been classified as positive/negative for sentiment in the corporate domain? I want a large corpus of documents that provide reviews for companies, like reviews of companies provided by analysts and media.

I find corpora that have reviews of products and movies. Is there a corpus for the business domain including reviews of companies, that match the language of business?

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You can use twitter, with its smileys, like this:

Hope that gets you started. There's more in the literature, if you're interested in specific subtasks like negation, sentiment scope, etc.

To get a focus on companies, you might pair a method with topic detection, or cheaply just a lot of mentions of a given company. Or you could get your data annotated by Mechanical Turkers.

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FYI pitt moved here – Jonathan Hendler Apr 26 '13 at 17:31

If you have some resources (media channels, blogs, etc) about the domain you want to explore, you can create your own corpus. I do this in python:

  • using Beautiful Soup for parsing the content that I want to classify.
  • separate those sentences meaning positive/negative opinions about companies.
  • Use NLTK to process this sentences, tokenize words, POS tagging, etc.
  • Use NLTK PMI to calculate bigrams or trigrams mos frequent in only one class

Creating corpus is a hard work of pre-processing, checking, tagging, etc, but has the benefits of preparing a model for a specific domain many times increasing the accuracy. If you can get already prepared corpus, just go ahead with the sentiment analysis ;)

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I'm not aware of any such corpus being freely available, but you could try an unsupervised method on an unlabeled dataset.

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This is a list I wrote a few weeks ago, from my blog. Some of these datasets have been recently included in the NLTK Python platform.




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You can get a large select of online reviews from Datafiniti. Most of the reviews come with rating data, which would provide more granularity on sentiment than positive / negative. Here's a list of businesses with reviews, and here's a list of products with reviews.

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