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I am translating a flash carousel to javascript and I am having problems with the position. This is the CSS of the div that contains the images.

position:relative; }

If the position is not relative the javascript code has to be longer and the images go out of the border

The images are in the div like this:

<div id="tiovivo">
<img id="tio4" style="cursor:pointer; position:absolute;" onClick="location.href='tio4.php'" height="150px" src="tio4.jpg">
<img id="tio5" style="cursor:pointer; position:absolute;" onClick="location.href='tio5.php'" height="150px" src="tio5.jpg">

The problem is that when #tiovivo is position:relativeI am unable to click the images, the events "onclick" don't work and the cursorpointer is not shown.

if #tiovivo is in position:static the "onclick" and the cursor:pointer do work correctly.

I need images "position: absolute" so i can put them easily in the javascript code.


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1.) Remove z-index:-1000 to make the all elements in the div clickable.
2.) If absolute position for the images, you have to add a vertical and a horizontal position (left or right, top or bottom) to them.

Also see my jsfiddle.

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Your problem is the z-index: -1000 setting.

Compare this (with the z-index on #tiovivo):


and this (without the z-index on #tiovivo):


Your negative z-index is pushing #tiovivo and its children under <body> so the images never receive click events. You don't need the z-index to get your absolutely positioned images on top, they'll be on top by default.

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There are several problems with your case

  • there is no javascript involved, at least it is has nothing to do with positioning here
  • you are using position absolute with no other position attributes eg.left,right etc.
  • remove z-index CSS and it will work. You are placing whole DIV UNDER everything else even if it is transparent
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Thank you all, it was the z-index: -1000 I used this index because I was programing a "3D" effect and I want to avoid that the bottom of #tiovivo cover the images.

This is the function I use to update the carrousel

pos0+=(offx-tempX)/5000;if(pos0> 6.28318531){pos0-=6.28318531}

pos1+=(offx-tempX)/5000;if(pos1> 6.28318531){pos1-=6.28318531}

I fixed the problem adding an offset to zIndex of the images because sin() function goes from -1 to 1.


And removing the z-index: -1000 from #tiovivo

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