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Please forgive my poor English, My Problem is that i have a article.php?id=xxx , and i set the Like Button(facebook socail plugin) on the article.php , and i also set the like_href=http://bikeid.net/20110908/article.php?id=25 , the query id will do the SQL query like every select * from TABLE_NAME where id=25 , every thing is fine and well , each article.php has their own like button and count number and content and author , but my problem is that 【My Boss wanna know who click the Like Button on particular page】, I just want to get the user's FB_ID who click the page like http://bikeid.net/20110908/article.php?id=25 , if i get the FB_ID , i can use the faceboog graph api to get the user's name , but my problem is that【i dont know how to get the User's fb_id who has already clicked the http://bikeid.net/20110908/article.php?id=25】 Please provide me some example or answer , Thanks a lot!

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possible duplicate of Get User Email id on clicking FaceBook 'Like' button? –  ifaour Sep 26 '11 at 6:51

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The only way you can get the users id is by prompting them to authenticate with your application. The like button alone will not provide you with this info.

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I'll second this: the only information you can obtain when a Like button is pressed is the URL that was pressed, you can not (currently) get any user-specific information. –  Femi Sep 26 '11 at 6:43

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