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In my apps there is a button named "Back". When the user clicks on that button, the apps should be sent to the background, like when we click on the home button.

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Even if you manage to do this, it is against Apple's HIG (because it will look as a crash to the user) - if you plan to publish your app on the AppStore you'll be rejected.

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I think turning to background is impossible.

Make user press home button by using UIAlertView with no cancel button.

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and then what? app comes back up with the same alert, if 'app does not run in background' set to NO, which is true for most of them. –  Boris Gafurov May 23 '13 at 17:02

We can send an application to the background using SpringBoardUI or the SpringBoardServices private frameworks.

However, Apple won't accept this on the App Store.

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