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I have a form wrapped in jQuery. It slideToggles on click of a div. This form is self submitting. So when I display any errors / confirmation on submit of the form, they'll be encapsulated within the jQuery / div. On the page reload the jQuery hides the form disallowing the user to see the errors / confirmation unless they reopen the contact form. Now, I clearly am unhappy with that. What would be a work around this. I haven't jumped to much into AJAX as of yet. Would this be my only option here? And if so, what would be some basic code or a good starting ground to solve this? Thank you.

Here is the jQuery for when a user clicks the contact div, and below merely represents that it is a self submitting form.

$(document).ready(function() {
        $('#contact_link_contact').click(function() {

<form action="" method="post">
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Try this:

$( form ).submit( function() {
    $.ajax() // send data here
    return false;

This will prevent the page from reloading when you submit the form, but you will need to send the data using ajax.

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