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I developed an ASP.NET page (.NET 2.0) and it works as a charm in the development environment. It is using AJAX.ASP.NET and only the shipped controls (no third-party controls).

I published it to a live IIS6 web server, created the website, set up the .NET version, the application pool and the site can run scripts. I also unchecked anonymous access and checked windows authentication.

Something is either missing or wrongly set up, because my users get "Cannot Display Page" error in different browsers on different places. By different places I mean that when they try to turn the page on a grid they got this error; when they click on a button to submit a search; when they submit something else...

But cannot see a pattern, sometimes it happens, sometimes not. Sometimes with one function sometimes with another. Sometimes with one user sometimes with another.

The users are using IE6, IE7, Firefox, Mozilla and Chrome, so I don't think it is client-related. I tried to create another website and put it there, but I got the same symptoms.

I don't have a possibility to try it on another IIS, so basically I'm stuck.

Some more details: I'm sure it is somehow connected to IIS, because the network has no problem and it is happening on more than one website now.

There is something wrong with the windows authentication, because the IIS log shows lines like these:

2009-04-29 12:33:17 GET /fakk/OsszLapok.aspx id=1 - 401 2 2148074254
2009-04-29 12:33:19 GET /fakk/OsszLapok.aspx id=1 mydomain\username 200 0 0

So the first call is coming without the windows user and shows 401, while the second (only after 2 seconds) is coming with user information and it works.

I have plenty of these in the log, even in the same second:

2009-04-29 12:29:21 GET /fakk/Images/rovat_title_eft.png - 401 2 2148074254
2009-04-29 12:29:21 GET /fakk/Images/footer_up.png - 401 2 2148074254
2009-04-29 12:29:21 GET /fakk/Images/rovat_title_eft.png - mydomain\username 200 0 0
2009-04-29 12:29:21 GET /fakk/Images/footer_up.png - mydomain\username 200 0 0

The webpage is set up to use windows authentication, anonymous access is denied.

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Might want to look here and here and here.

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Looks like the proxy was the problem. I changed the client connection, so if it works for the rest of the week, you are the man! –  Biri Apr 30 '09 at 7:05

Have you checked to see if IIS is recycling the ASP.NET worker process? Also take a look at the EventLogs for any additional error information and post that.

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I was just checking while you wrote this answer. There is nothing in the event logs, but the IIS log shows something interesting: the windows authentication is working in a strange way. The log is too long, so I post it to the original question. –  Biri Apr 30 '09 at 6:25

take a look at this


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