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I found some strange behavior of assets images

If I run unicorn in production mode at hosting - /assets/image.png - server give me blank image ie file exist, but size=0 . In same time at localhost I run in unicorn development mode - and all works fine, Then I run webrick at hosting - images are display fine. After that I run unicorn in production mode at localhost and images stops display, then I run unicorn in development images already doesn't work.

Rails 3.1.0.rc6, after that I update to rc8 at hosting but nothing happened

Maybe production mode build some cache, which remains forever?

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Try to Rake assets:precompile –  Nicklasos Sep 26 '11 at 9:31
Could you add the following information: configuration of assets in development and production mode? –  mliebelt Sep 26 '11 at 9:53

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There are different things that may go wrong, so here the ideas you have to check:

  • There is a known error in Rails 3.1, that the precompilation of assets does not work properly. See Upgrade to Rails 3.1.0 from rc6, asset precompile fails for a question with a solution.
  • I had problems with creating precompiled assets for production. The following worked for me (after fixing the error above):
    1. Ensure that your application is not running in production mode.
    2. Call bundle exec rake assets:clean. This will clean all resources hanging around.
    3. Call bundle exec rake assets:precompile afterwards. As a result, the directory /public/assets should be filled with assets with the hash appended (e.g. icon_add-96985e087048a8c2e09405494509750d.gif instead of icon-add.gif).
    4. Start your server in production mode.
  • Depending on the browser I used, I had to refresh or even clear all caches. Especially Chrome was very nasty in caching resources that he should not cache.

I hope some of the ideas will help you find the source of your problem.

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