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i'm working on a symfony project and i need a user access conected to an LDAP server. So i seached for something already done to add to my app and found this plugin that has all i wanted.

So i tried to install with the command $ php symfony plugin:install bhLDAPAuthPlugin for some reason it throws me this error:

No release avaiable for plugin "bhLDAPAuthPlugin"

I don't really understand what that message means. I've checked the spell of the command (also copied the command given in the page of the plugin) and same error appears. If I had no all requeriments for instalation, other errors would be thrown, right?

Please, help me .If you know any clue to solve this, will be highly appreciated.

PS: If you know some easy way to implement by myself the comunication with LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory) will also be appreciated

Thank you very much for your time!

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No exactly sure how to solve the error message, perhaps it helps is specifically specify which version you wish to install.

Otherwise there's an easy workaround: Just download the tgz file from here:

and do

php symfony plugin:install bhLDAPAuthPlugin-etc-etc.tgz
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