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I'm attempting to split a string by spaces into an array of words. If the string contains HTML tags, I would like the full tag (including content) to be treated as a single word.

For example,

I like to eat <a href="http://www.waffles.com/">tasty delicious waffles</a> for breakfast

should split into

<a href="http://www.waffles.com/">tasty delicious waffles</a>

I've seen a couple related threads on Stack Overflow but I'm having trouble adapting anything to Javascript because they were written for languages that I'm not quite familiar with. Is there a regex expression that could easily do this or will the solution require multiple regex splits and iteration?


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Can there be nested tags like <div> foo <div> bar </div> baz </div>? –  Tim Pietzcker Sep 26 '11 at 8:15

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result = subject.match(/<\s*(\w+\b)(?:(?!<\s*\/\s*\1\b)[\s\S])*<\s*\/\s*\1\s*>|\S+/g);

will work if your tags can't be nested, if all tags are properly closed, and if current tag names don't occur in comments, strings etc.


<\s*            # Either match a < (+ optional whitespace)
(\w+\b)         # tag name
(?:             # Then match...
 (?!            # (as long as it's impossible to match...
  <\s*\/\s*\1\b # the closing tag here
 )              # End of negative lookahead)
 [\s\S]         # ...any character
)*              # zero or more times.
<\s*\/\s*\1\s*> # Then match the closing tag.
|               # OR:
\S+             # Match a run of non-whitespace characters.
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This is hard or impossible to do with regexp alone (depending on the complexity of HTML that you want/need to allow).

Instead, iterate over the children of the parent node and split them if they are text nodes or print them unmodified if they are non-text nodes.

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